Und mir wird immer stärker bewusst, dass ich zu nichts anderem tauge und von nichts anderem leidenschaftlich erfüllt werde, als Worte aneinanderzureihen, Sätze zu bilden und einfache, vierzeilige Verse zu schreiben. Um das zu können, muss ich die Menschen auf eine bestimmte Weise beobachten, in etwa so, als würde ich sie für den späteren Gebrauch im Archiv ablegen. Um das zu können, muss ich auch auf eine ganz bestimmte Weise lesen, indem ich mit allen Poren aufnehme, was ich in irgendeiner vagen Form weiterverwenden kann; wenn nicht sofort, dann bei späterer Gelegenheit.

Abhängigkeit (Tove Ditlevsen)

The young woman was a window waiting to be climbed through. A window that she guessed was a little broken anyway. She couldn’t be sure of this, but it seemed to her that Joe Jacobs had already wedged his foot into the crack and his wife had helped him.

Swimming Home (Deborah Levy)
How could I describe this odd feeling of dissolving and recomposing? Words have to open the mind. When words close the mind, we can be sure that someone has been reduced to nothingness.

The Cost of Living (Deborah Levy)
„But when an endemic disease has a sudden fresh outbreak, when rabid foxes seem to lay siege to your village, roaming the streets at night, entering courtyards and scratching at doors, when not even rifle fire scares them off, then yes, you can certainly think of it as a grim premonition, or perhaps even a divine warning.“

A Devil Comes to Town (Paolo Maurensig)
„D’où viennent ces histoires? Elles émanent d’elle, en flot continu, sans qu’elle y pense, sans qu’elle fasse le moindre effort de mémoire ou d’imagination. Mais dans quel lac noir, dans quelle forêt profonde est-elle allée pêcher ces contes cruels où les gentils meurent à la fin, non sans avoir sauvé le monde?“

Chanson douce (Leïla Slimani)
„I probably didn’t share his feelings – he hoped, really, that I didn’t – but he was no longer interested in socialising; in fact, increasingly he found other people positively bewildering. The interesting ones are like islands, he said: you don’t bump into them on the street or at a party, you have to know where they are and go to them by arrangement.“

Outline (Rachel Cusk)
„There are parts of this city that create the form of a person, molds them with its hard wisdom and distant cruelty. They see with the eyes of the city lights and measure their backs to the walls here. They drink the rain to tighten fibers and harden themselves against its many madnesses.“

In Our Mad and Furious City (Guy Gunaratne)